For Us, By Us Community Revitalization

Tips from the “We Are Anacostia” Community Marketing Campaign

By Catherine Buell, published at Greater Greater Washington (October 30, 2018)


My hometown of Washington D.C. is often cited as a city that recently rebounded from hard times to boast a now-booming and pricey real estate market with a hip-quality of life for its residents.  Yet, for my neighbors and I, our story was one of disappointment and frustration as we repeatedly witnessed the hippest economic development efforts skip over our section of the city – even as the rest of D.C. was building its truly amazing ‘success story’ narrative. 

Images By Tommie Adams Photography

Images By Tommie Adams Photography

We lived in Historic Anacostia, located east of the Anacostia River, in the Ward 8 section of Washington D.C.  Historic Anacostia was an area that had suffered from years of under and disinvestment, with only one grocery store to serve the over 70,000 residents living in the area – a reality that is all too familiar in low-income

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communities.  In a city with an average wage of close to $120,000 per year, Ward 8’s median income ranges between $25,000 and $40,000 per year.  Many of the residents were and are either unemployed or underemployed. 

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