Off the Beaten Path: Interesting Architecture in Columbus, Indiana

Years ago, I discovered Columbus, Indiana.  I overheard some architect friends talking about how significant the city was to their field and decided to visit during a business trip to Indianapolis. 

Columbus is just 40 miles outside of Indianapolis and a true architectural gem. The city is a breathtaking combination of small town American meets world-class modern architecture. Seriously amazing!

The story starts in the 1940’s with industrialist J. Irwin Miller, chairman of the Cummins Engine Company, who pushed city officials to choose the best architects for public projects. In exchange, he covered the cost of the architect’s fees.  

Miller was introduced to quality architecture during his time at Yale and Oxford.  He touted the notion that inspired architecture and well-designed community facilities would lure top engineers to the remote town. Little did he know, that his belief and investment would also attract millions of visitors and put the town on the map as one of the world’s most architectural significant towns. 

The town now features buildings by beloved and revered architects, including I.M. Pei.

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Catherine Buell