The Tiny House Movement

This summer, the entrance to the Atlanta Beltline next to the Krog Street Market displayed a tiny house!  You can go inside and ask questions and learn all about the tiny house movement. The tiny house doubles as a office for the MicroLife Institute and features off the grid technology to emphasize environmentally friendly was to live.

To learn more about tiny houses, go to  The average cost to construct a tiny house is about $130,000.  While this is not cheap, advocates are hoping that modular construction methods and other innovations in housing construction will help drive down the cost of these little houses.

If you live in the City of Atlanta and are interested in seeing more tiny houses, the MicroLife Institute asks that you let the City know so that they can make sure that the zoning re-write allows for these small ancillary dwelling units.  Go to Zoning ATL ( and ask request that ancillary dwelling structures be permitted in residential zones (such as R-4) and that the City create an additional zoning classification of “MU”  to allow for multiple units on a single lot.

Catherine Buell